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About Ron Willoughby

Ron was born in Denver and grew up in New Orleans and attended university at LSU
and graduated from Louisiana Tech. He later attended Wharton Business School at
the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he became board certified in
Investment & Management Consulting while studying finance and modern portfolio

Ron founded Clarity Wealth Resources, a fee and commission-based turn-key solution
for all aspects of financial planning. Ron created and taught two multi-series
seminars: The History of the American Stock Market, a 12-part seminar and The
History of the American Economy a 10-part series for financial professionals and
high net worth investors.

Ron authored The Fee Based Fallacy, When Paying a Commission Is Often Best which illustrates why over 90% of investors would be better off in a commission-based relationship.

Additionally, Ron has enjoyed and is proud to have mentored and trained nearly 200 Arizona State University business students throughout his career in finance.

Outside of finance, Ron has participated in developing and growing several successful small to medium size enterprises such as:

  • Partner, DTM dba Discount Tobacco Management. 14 stores across Louisiana,
    Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle.
  • Founder, PDW Advisors. An aggregator of legal, financial, and professional
  • Founder, D1 Athletics. Sports specific athletic training and videography for
    aspiring high school athletes. Sold to outside investors.
  • Founder, CBD Emporium. The fastest growing CBD retailer in America.
  • Cofounder, Food Fight Restaurant Technologies. Virtual kitchens with largely
    identical ingredients utilizing idle restaurant production capacity,
    cutting-edge software development, and third-party delivery services to
    disrupt an industry with substandard quality and stagnant offerings.
  • Founder, Affordable Rapid Testing. Covid-19 testing and other mobile medical
    lab diagnostics.